PS : EAST beams - 2021

Showing beam parameters of the EAST beams beam.

Beam integrated intensity

Showing the integrated intensity sent to the different East destinations (T8, T9, N). Data comes from the accumulated sum of F61.BCT01:TOTAL_INTENSITY.

Beam Intensity

Showing beam intensity after injection (PR.DCAFTINJ_1) and before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_2) for beams having an East destination (EAST_T8, EAST_T9 and EAST_N).

Beam Normalized losses

Showing data from different BLMs (lossBeamPresence) divided by the intensity before extraction.

Beam Transmission

Showing beam transmission as follows:

  • Beam transmission in the ring: ratio between intensity before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_2) and intensity after injection (PR.DCAFTEJE_1).

  • Beam transmission in the transfer line: ratio between intensity in the last BCT of the line (F61.BCT01) and intensity before extraction. Data is filtered so only values between 0 and 30 % are shown.