LHC BCMS - 2022


Showing intensity after injection (PR.DCAFTINJ_2) and before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1) for the BCMS beam.


Showing transmission as follows:

  • Beam transmission in the ring: ratio between intensity before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1) and intensity after injection (DCAFTINJ_2).

  • Beam transmission in the transfer line: ratio between intensity in the last BCT of the line (F16.BCT.372) and intensity before extraction. Data is filtered so only values between 0 and 150 % are shown.

TT2 trajectories

Showing horizontal trajectories in TT2 (F16.BPM:POS_H) for the BCMS beam.

Showing vertical trajectories in TT2 (F16.BPM:POS_V) for the BCMS beam.

Limitation Diagram

BCMS limitation diagram before PS extraction and corresponding emittance data obtained since the start of the 2022 LHC physics run. To compare to pre-LS2 excluded areas, select the corresponding scenario from the dropdown menu.

Transverse emittance evolution

Showing the transverse emittance measured with the wire scanners since the beginning of the 2022 LHC physics run. Emittance measurements take place every day and, if time permits, before every LHC fill.