SFTPRO - 2018

Beams with FTARGET as destination.

Intensity cut-offs: 100 - 1500 e10 ppp.


Showing intensity after injection and before extraction.


Cumulative extraction intensity (PR.CDBEFEJE_1). Weekly data is shown from Wednesday to Wednesday.


Showing transmission as follows:

  • Beam transmission between extraction and injection: ratio between intensity before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1) and intensity after injection (PR.DCAFTINJ_1).

  • Beam transmission in the transfer line: ratio between intensity in the first BCT of the transfer line (F16.BCT.212) and intensity before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1).

  • Beam transmission normalised with intensity: the same transmissions as per the previous plots divided by intensity before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1).

TT2 trajectories

Showing horizontal trajectories in TT2.

Nxcals variable: F16.BPM:POS_H.

Showing vertical trajectories in TT2.

Nxcals variable: F16.BPM:POS_V.

MTE Efficiency

Showing MTE efficiency f.

Nxcals variable: PS_SFTPRO_SPILL_MONITOR:SftproSpillQuality:splittingEfficiency.