TOF - 2021

Beam Integrated Intensity

The following plot shows the integrated intensity sent to the nTOF facility from the start of their physics run. The measured data comes from the accumulated sum of FTN.BCT.477:TOTAL_INTENSITY. Two calculated intensity predictions are shown in the plot. One is based on the different super-cycle configurations used throughout the year. It considers an availability of 85% and 800x1010 p and 350x1010 p for dedicated and parasitic bunches, respectively. The second prediction considers 1x1017 protons on target every day, which is a best-guess based on experience.

Beam Intensity

Showing beam intensity after injection (PR.DCAFTINJ_1 - PR.DCBEFEJE_2) and before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1) for beams having nTOF as destination.

Data shown for parasitic and nominal TOFs.

Beam horizontal trajectories in TT2

Showing horizontal trajectories in TT2 for beams having nTOF as destination.

Nxcals variable: F16.BPM:POS_H.

Beam vertical trajectories in TT2

Showing vertical trajectories in TT2 for beams having TT2_FTA as destination.

Nxcals variable: F16.BPM:POS_V.

Beam Transmission

Showing transmission as follows:

  • Beam transmission in the ring: ratio between intensity before extraction (PR.DCBEFEJE_1) and intensity after injection (PR.DCAFTINJ_1).

  • Beam transmission in the transfer line: ratio between intensity in the last BCT of the line (FTN.BCT.477) and intensity before extraction. Data is filtered so only values between 0 and 150 % are shown.

Showing data for nominal and parasitic TOF.